PHP Class ActivityLog\ModuleTest

Inheritance: extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
Show file Open project: gotcms/gotcms

Protected Properties

Property Type Description
$object Blog

Public Methods

Method Description
testGetConfig ( ) : void Test
testOnBootstrap ( ) : void Test

Protected Methods

Method Description
setUp ( ) : void Sets up the fixture, for example, opens a network connection.
tearDown ( ) : void Tears down the fixture, for example, closes a network connection.

Method Details

setUp() protected method

This method is called before a test is executed.
protected setUp ( ) : void
return void

tearDown() protected method

This method is called after a test is executed.
protected tearDown ( ) : void
return void

testGetConfig() public method

public testGetConfig ( ) : void
return void

testOnBootstrap() public method

public testOnBootstrap ( ) : void
return void

Property Details

$object protected property

protected Blog $object
return Blog