PHP yii\elasticsearch Namespace


Name Description
ActiveDataProvider ActiveDataProvider is an enhanced version of [[\yii\data\ActiveDataProvider]] specific to the ElasticSearch.
ActiveQuery ActiveQuery represents a [[Query]] associated with an [[ActiveRecord]] class.
ActiveRecord ActiveRecord is the base class for classes representing relational data in terms of objects.
BatchQueryResult BatchQueryResult represents a batch query from which you can retrieve data in batches.
BulkCommand The [[BulkCommand]] class implements the API for accessing the elasticsearch bulk REST API.
Command The Command class implements the API for accessing the elasticsearch REST API.
Connection elasticsearch Connection is used to connect to an elasticsearch cluster version 0.20 or higher
DebugPanel Debugger panel that collects and displays elasticsearch queries performed.
ElasticsearchTarget ElasticsearchTarget stores log messages in a elasticsearch index.
Query Query represents a query to the search API of elasticsearch.
QueryBuilder QueryBuilder builds an elasticsearch query based on the specification given as a [[Query]] object.