PHP Class Eloquent\Phony\Call\Event\AbstractCallEvent

Inheritance: extends Eloquent\Phony\Event\AbstractEvent, implements Eloquent\Phony\Call\Event\CallEvent
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Public Methods

Method Description
call ( ) : Eloquent\Phony\Call\Call | null Get the call.
setCall ( Eloquent\Phony\Call\Call $call ) Set the call.

Method Details

call() public method

Get the call.
public call ( ) : Eloquent\Phony\Call\Call | null
return Eloquent\Phony\Call\Call | null The call, or null if no call has been set.

setCall() public method

Set the call.
public setCall ( Eloquent\Phony\Call\Call $call )
$call Eloquent\Phony\Call\Call The call.