PHP LdapTools\Connection Namespace

Nested Namespaces



Name Description
LdapAwareInterface The LDAP connection aware interface.
LdapConnectionInterface An interface for LDAP Connection classes.


Name Description
ADResponseCodes Maps AD extended response codes to their meanings.
BindUserStrategy Determines how to format the username for a bind attempt.
LastErrorStrategy Abstract away the error handling to allow for directory specific error messages and numbers.
LdapConnection A LDAP connection class that provides an OOP style wrapper around the ldap_* functions.
LdapControl Represents an LDAP control.
LdapControlType Represents various ldap server control values.
LdapServerPool Retrieves an available LDAP server from an array using the provided method.
PageControl Handles paging control for the LDAP connection.
RootDse Queries the RootDSE from the LDAP connection based off the state of the connection and returns the data in the form of a standard LdapObject built from a defined schema file.


Name Description
LdapAwareTrait LDAP connection aware property and functions.