PHP yii\authclient Namespace

Nested Namespaces



Name Description
StateStorageInterface StateStorageInterface is an interface for Auth client state storage.


Name Description
AuthAction AuthAction performs authentication via different auth clients.
BaseClient BaseClient is a base Auth Client class.
BaseOAuth BaseOAuth is a base class for the OAuth clients.
Collection Collection is a storage for all auth clients in the application.
InvalidResponseException InvalidResponseException represents an exception caused by invalid remote server response.
OAuth1 OAuth1 serves as a client for the OAuth 1/1.0a flow.
OAuth2 OAuth2 serves as a client for the OAuth 2 flow.
OAuthToken Token represents OAuth token.
OpenId OpenId provides a simple interface for OpenID (1.1 and 2.0) authentication.
SessionStateStorage SessionStateStorage provides Auth client state storage based on web session.